syyskuu 2019

WOD for Sunday, Sep 22, 2019

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Squats8 x every 90 seconds - 3 back squats Use a challenging weight but absolutely no fails! Erg like there's a bear in the room2000m row for time. CFEG: Core & Handstand practiceCore: a) 10 [...]

WOD for Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

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Viistäköön polveni boksia8 x emom for 16min, alternating between - 3 power snatches - 3 high box jumps Get REKT!For time: - 50 heavy db snatches - 30 T2B's Imperium Extra Core Workout IV3 rounds [...]

WOD for Sunday, Sep 08, 2019

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Sunnuntain hartausThree rounds of 40sec of work, hardest sustainable pace, starting E4MOM - sled push - assault bike or watt bike - row - rest Advanced can do four rounds. CFEG: EI voikkaa kipeenä.

WOD for Friday, Sep 06, 2019

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Rest dayRest day: Recovery work and mobility ENDURANCE VKO 363 x 400m run 1 min rest 400m run 4 min rest Molemmat 400m kovaa! Jälkimmäinen 400m joka kierroksella tavoite 5sec kovempaa kuin eka 400m, esim. [...]

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