joulukuu 2019

WOD for Friday, Dec 06, 2019

By |2019-12-05T19:10:48+02:00joulukuu 5th, 2019|Yleinen|

Suomi 102Kansalaiset, medborgare. Partner workout with a 35min timecap. You can split the cals and reps with your partner any way you want. cash in: 102cal row / assault 10 rounds of - 6 clusters [...]

marraskuu 2019

WOD for Tuesday, Nov 26, 2019

By |2019-11-25T19:11:07+02:00marraskuu 25th, 2019|Yleinen|

3-Position Power Cleans6-8 x 3-position power clean - hips, above knee, floor For quality stuff3-4 rounds - 10-15 band pull aparts - 3-5 plank walk out A red rubberband is good for the band pull [...]

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