Tuesday 19.5.2020

At the Gym

Clean & Jerks

3 x 3 Muscle cleans + Push presses

*Focus on the bar path and hip extension. Keep it light.

3 x 2 Power cleans + Push jerks

*Technique first but here you can go heavier.

*You can do these every 3minutes or more relaxed about 2 minute rest between set.


”Barbells and friends again”
Teams of two or three, everyone has their own barbell
You go – I go -style
Divide the reps as you like

30 power cleans
15 barbell over burpees
30 push jerks
15 barbell over burpees
30 front squats
15 barbell over burpees
30 thrusters
15 barbell over burpees

*35/25kg barbell. Keep the barbell light and focus on cycling effectively. HAVE FUN <333



1. Single arm strict press (R)
2. Single arm strict press (L)
3. Single arm over head squat (R)
4. Single arm over head squat (L)
5. Turkish get up (R)
6. Turkish get up (L)
7. Rest

14 Single arm power cleans
7 barbell over burpees
14 Single arm push jerks
7 barbell over burpees
14 front squats
7 barbell over burpees
14 single arm thrusters
7 barbell over burpees

*Can be done with KB or DB or something odd!

Outdoors running 60min: Tempo intervals on dirt track – Go fast

Warm-up 20min: Easy jogging and a stretch-out.

Workout 15-25min: 3-5* E5MOM: Run 800m at fastest sustainable pace.

(Mind the hills in the end of the course – This is a new running track.
Should feel semiheavy. HR is allowed to be 85-95% in the end of each round. Try to make all rounds around same time, +- 10s variance.
You can do 3-5 sets based on your shape of the day. )

Cooldown 15min: Easy jogging/walking back to the starting point.