Tuesday 12.5.2020


At The Gym version

1. Hand stand walk / Hand stand shoulder taps / Plank shoulder taps
2. Pistol squats
3. Muscle ups / C2b / pull ups / kipping practise
4. Row / Bike / Run / Burpees
5. Rest

*Skill practice with moderately low heart rate.


Anywhere version

1. Hspu / Pike push up
2. Pistol squats
3. Hand stand shoulder taps / Plank shoulder taps
4. Burpees
5. Rest
6. Wall facing hand stand hold as close to wall as possible
7. Box step ups
8. Hollow rocks
9. Mountain climbers
10. Rest

*Skill practice and core work with moderately low heart rate.

Pistol squat practice and scaling ideas:

Outdoors running 60min: Tempo intervals a Matinkylä woods

Warm-up 20min: Easy jogging & running drills

Workout 30min: 6* E5MOM: Run ~700m/3-4min at 70-85% of Max HR. Rest/walk the leftover time.

Cooldown 10min: Easy jogging.

Be careful with the intensity in the intervals – try to keep the HR and your pace steady in every set. During the intervals you should not feel too short of breath, and you need to be able to continue that pace still semi-easily. The tempo of running should now be slightly faster vs. in the basic endurance workouts but much easier than your Cooper pace.