Power cleans & Split jerks

5 x 3 power cleans + 1 split jerk

*all the sets with 65-70% from 1rm

Macho Man

”Macho Man”
EMOM for as long as possible
3 power cleans
3 front squats
3 push jerks


*Scale the weight so you can do at least 10 rounds. Maximum 70% from 1RM. 20 rounds CAP!

Outdoors running 60min: Intervals at Otaniemen kenttä

Warm-up 20min: Easy jogging, running drills and tempo run.

Workout 29min: 2*12min/5min rest between.
In the 12min sets, we will do speed plays with the following pattern:
-200m easy run
-400m faster run, apprx. @your cooper pace.

Cool down: 5-10min easy jogging and a stretch-out.