8 x every 90 seconds
– 3 back squats

Use a challenging weight but absolutely no fails!

Erg like there's a bear in the room

2000m row for time.


CFEG: Core & Handstand practice

a) 10 + 10 Pike Pulses
b) 20m Slide drag
c) 10 + 10 sides
d) 20 Overhead sit-ups

Do two rounds of:
a) 5 x Kick to HS
b) 5 x HS Shrugs
c) 10 x Box shoulder taps

Then, rotate
d) HS Hold & 90 turn
e) Shoulder taps against wall
f) Handstand walk practice

CFEG: Ring pull-ups and support hold

4 Rounds of:
5 Ring pull-ups
10sec support hold