Deadlift E2MOM
– 8 x 3

Last 5-6 sets with the same weight. Leave a few reps in the tank.

Sundays are made for quality

3-4 Rounds for quality
– 8+8 hollow body single arm flies
– 20 cross body mountain climbers
– 40m d-ball carry

CFEG: Core & HSW 1310

Core, two rounds of:
5 Strict TTB (bench)
10 Russian twist
20m Sliders
40 sec hollow hold

5 x Kick2HS
5 x HS shrungs
2 x 8 HSH agaist wall, hands to plate
5 x HSH, free

Then, continue to practice with:
a) Kick to HSH and arch to wall
b) HSH and shoulder taps
c) HSW towards wall
d) HSH agaist RED band
e) HSW 10000m

CFEG: Russian Dips and rope pull-ups

5 Rounds of:
5 russian dips
5 rope pull-ups (alt upper hand)