5 Rounds For Time:
• 1000m Row
• 200m Farmer's Carry (2×45/35)
• 50m Waiters Walk-Right Arm (45/35)
• 50m Waiters Walk-Left (45/35)

CFEG: Core, HSW and some more Ring MU's

A: Core
3 rounds of:
10 wipers (floor/bar)
10 pike pulses
10+10 side planks
10 pulse ups

B: Handstand
Warm-up: kick2HS, shrugs, HSH against wall
3 x 90sec HS holds
HSW practice

C: Ring MU’s Continues (increase load from last week)
Practice Ring MU’s for 15min.
15min: 3-5 Strict ring MU’s with band (start L-sit floor.
Advanced: 15min EMOM, 1-3 Ring MU’s