Rest day

Rest day: Recovery work and mobility

CFEG: Re-setting the 2019 handstand walk target

Having a 5m handstand walk target? or, go below 8min for 100m? Now is the time to get new record in place, and set new targets for rest of 2019.

1) Find you max handstand walk distance
2) Choose challenging distance that you can achieve in 10min
a) 50m HSW for time
b) 100m HSW for time
b) 400m HSW for time (if you get this, go to other class rest of year)

CFEG: Dreaming Muscle-up's?

We worked past months on strict MU strength and today we put that in practice. Objective is to get your 1st ring or bar bar muscle-up. Or, to get new record on 30 ring muscle-up's for time.