Every body jerk right now

7 x 1

Find your heavy jerk for the day.

Hirveä, hirveempi, hirvein

12 min EMOM
Odd: 6 thrusters 60/40kg
Even: 8-12 bar over burpees

CFEG: Syksyn voikka taas käynnissä: Core & HSW

Part A:
– 10min Core workout

Part B:
Practice handstand walk skills for 30min
10 x Kick to HS hold
5 x HS Shrugs
3 x HSH + shoulder taps
3 x HS Hold practice
3 x 10 DB over the object
HS Walk practice

CFEG: Negative HSPU

Five rounds of Negative HSPU 5-10. Advanced, face toward wall.