Use of green rubberbands is strictly prohibited!

4 rounds of
– 12 deadlifts
– rest 60sec
– 20+20sec partner pallof presses
– rest 60sec

And the name of the workout is not a joke!

Tabata matata!

two alternating tabatas

  • db goblet squats (pick weight)
  • abmat sit-ups

rest 2min

  • db snatches
  • cross body mountain climbers

CFEG: Strict MU strenght

5 Rounds of:
5 MU transition with box
5 block raises

CFEG: Handstand 0704

Part 1: Core, some sort of tabata
Slide drag

Part 3: Handstand
3 x Kick to HS
3 x Free HS practise
3 x 8 DB raises over the big
3 x Walk away from wall
HSW Practise